Friday, August 26, 2011

Toys... multiplying and dividing...

Lego's! Ahhh... you have the picture already, don't you.  By George they multiply and divide all by themselves; it sorta goes with that saying from the Doritos commercial years ago... 'no one can have just one'!  LOL!  Well, it seems no one can have just one 'Lego-Maniac' in the house, either.  You see, it's a 'generational thing!' ... Daddy had Lego's when he was a little boy, and although I doubt G'pa did (don't think Lego's were invented yet) he takes every opportunity to 'play with the boys' (you get that I mean Hubby and son... riiiiggghhhtt???  tee hee hee...)
The battle zone!
Building is hard work
It's no wonder that when we first made the decision to move into an RV the topic of Lego's and how to store them was one of the first things to come up.  To start Hubby built a framed Lego board (complete with flat plates) for our youngest Lego Maniac to have a designated surface for his beloveds. It can also be turned over and a flat work surface is available.

Then we took to searching for just the right containers.  Over the years we have tried several... some that stacked 'ok' ... some that were long and flat so that they could be put under the bed... but most recently we've decided we like containers by  (I even purchased some purple ones recently, just for me.)

Now just to find a place to put them....hmm (whimper)

The bottom line: To be constantly willing to purge and readjust to accommodate the needs vs. space allowed; and be creative.  Sons bopping swords and Nerfs are stored in a military duffel bag in the cargo bay; easy grab and go 'container' ... We tend to use dual purpose and easy to store methods.  So think about your family's needs and be creative.

Enjoy the journey...