Monday, March 2, 2015

Muddy Magnificent March Monday Morning!


Okay... I'll admit this is going to be random (as you've been previously warned...) ~ but it was running through my head and I just decided that I HAD to write it!  And what better place than a blog that is LOOOoooonnnngggg.... oVeRdUe for an update?  Yeah, I couldn't think of a better place either.  So here goes:

It's ALREADY been one of "those" Mondays!!  You know the ones that people often refer to as "Manic Mondays"?? -- Yeah!  It just seems that thus far this morning when I type the keyboard has stuck, or jumped or my fingers somehow hit the wrong keys... Ugh!  Oh and then you have the dogs ... on the bed -- Yes, I'm sitting up, in our bed, trying to 'comfortably' get some work done! One of the perks (as I see it; though some days more than others... ) of the lifestyle, huh?  [Emphasis: "trying"!!]

So... let's see where should we start?  Back up:  The alarm went off and I didn't feel like I'd slept. [Ugh!] after 'snoozing' it, and dreading 'getting up!' ... Finally I got out of bed 15 minutes after the original alarm and managed to get my tea and hubby's coffee started -- dogs fed -- pottied (paws wiped) -- coffee and tea poured... Off to a roaring start, huh? [LoL!] Oh and grabbed granola bars for the 'breakfast of champions' touch! haha!

Okay -- realize:  "It's cold!" ... Oh yeah, we're low on propane, so conserving for cooking til we get more later...  (Yes, nomadic life -- I STILL LOVE it!!) adjust electric heaters, head for cupboard to get computer.  Ahhhh... [notice] my sweet hubby has set up my bolster and pillows for me.  What a love! I'm blessed! -- It's the little things... ya know?  [.>>> breathe in; smile<<]

Okay ... get computer out/booted/etc.  Sip a bit of tea. Nibble a bit of granola bar (Yes it's chocolate chip, but it's Organic!  Do I get points for that? haha!)

So now... the fun starts!  I'm trying to do my "routine" ... you know... update Craigslist ads ... check/update mind map for today and this week's schedules?  Chatting with hubby a bit and the dogs decide that they just cannot get comfortable.  Distraction.  DisTRacTIon... DISTRACTION!  So... I get up and slather their favorite toys in coconut oil.  This is a recent 'finding' that often seems to quell the chaos with our furbabies -- except when the younger/bigger of the two (Hubby's Boxer girl) decides that All ... yes ALL!! of the toys are hers!

It doesn't matter if I give them equal amounts or if she gets four and our Pug boy gets two or even one!  SHE (who I have taken to calling "Duchess") is determined to claim ALL!!  **sigh**  So ... take back A toy for Pug boy; redirect Duchess; resume 'working' ... **sigh**

Break:  Hubby leaves for job.

Settle dogs again.


Work on schedule (mind map); make calls for bill payments, etc (after all it is the first of the month, right?  **sigh**)

 Tea is cold.  :(  **sigh**  -- Break for a fresh cup.  After all it's a good time to 'restart' and divert 'manic' to 'magnificent' right?

Remember an adage once shared with me:  "If you didn't have a good '9 o'clock' start over at '10'!" -- Okay, I'm up for it...

Break over ... back to 'work' --

More doggy mayhem!!  **sigh**  More slathering... More re-direct!

Give up!  Outside time:  Potty break.  Wipe paws.

Resume.  Again.

More 'first of month' phone calls, etc..

Hubby called.  But he couldn't hear me because I accidentally hit the "Mute" button with my face when I answered the phone.  **sigh** -- Got that remedied.  "Can ya hear me now??" haha!

Updates. Got it! Okay. Make a few related phone calls for his jobs.

Focus.  Next...

Check one (of too many) email.  Respond. Respond. Respond... File. File. File...

Oh yeah... What's on 'To Do' schedule for today? (Love my mind maps! -- most of the time!)

MoRe DoG MaYheM!!!! .... UUUggghhh... REALLY???   More slatherings... More re-directing...

More granola nibbles. Sip of tea... ahhh... << breathe.  smile.  this too shall pass.>>

Where was I?   Oh yeah... inspired to write blog post about my "Muddy Magnificent March Monday Morning!"

Why you ask?  Because I'm determined to get back on a positive focus!! I have so much to be excited and feel blessed about.  After all:  the snow has passed (at least for today ... I haven't looked to forecasts yet to see if it will resume, as I've heard that is likely... I don't have to deal with that today!)  now we just have to deal with the mud puddles at potty breaks.  **sigh**

But those puddles mean water ... Which will bring Spring blossoms!  Yes!!

It's the beginning of a new month -- that holds MUCH promise!! [Yes!!!]  Not only is Spring around the corner (which always seems to bring a bright, happy, cheery feeling to my soul) but we have much new on the horizon... Stay tuned!! This will be good!!  WooHoo!!  JaZZed!!!

So as the mid-day is upon us here in the Central time zone ... I shall close and wish you a Most MAGNIFICENT Monday!!  And an equally Magnificent March!!

Oh, did I mention? ... the furbabies are napping.  Ssshhhh...

Perhaps NOW I can make some progress on my tasks at hand.  Bliss! ***Aaaahhhh.... ***  <<<SMILE!>>>  Such excitement!  So much "Good Stuff!" in the works! ...

Until next time...

Enjoy the journey...


PS.  What's new with you?  Perhaps you'd like to share in the comments below?


  1. Very funny post! And yes, organic cancels out any calories chocolate may have :-) Cheers - Ellen

  2. Thanks for the validation, Ellen! Love it!! You made my day!! ;)