Thursday, July 18, 2013

Nomadic Reflections... on California!

Recently, VERY recently we had a request from a Facebook friend and fellow nomadic blogger to write a guest post on the topic of California.  That seemed like not such a tall order as we have spent many years in (and out) of California; both as residents and visitors.  So Clark and Monica ...  This is for you and your "California Extravaganza on Family Trek!"  (We think you may fall in love with Humboldt County, as we minimum you'll want to visit!!)

As we take this opportunity to share with you some of our California experiences, looking back on our most recent posts seems appropriate as well.  You see on January 1, 2013, our Happy New Year! post (written while we were in California) set a goal for us to write 52 posts this year. Oh my gosh!! We're slackin'!  We are so far behind! 

Oh sure, we've been busy.  Life has happened.  This came up; that came up! Yadda, Yadda, Yadda... It's time for us to get back to the keyboard and catch up!!  I guess it's fair to say that over the past five months we've been a bit consumed in survival mode -- guess we all go there from time to time. Even us living the nomadic lifestyle.   But as the quote in our January 1, post reads:   "You can't change the wind; you can, however, adjust your sails!"  Yes... Adjusting our sails... That is good!

We'll take this time to reflect a bit on the few posts that we've made thus far this year.  As we share them with you they will be momentum to us to catch up on our 52 post goal that we set for this year... after all we're only ummm... 18 to 20 posts behind, right?  Piece of cake! We'll catch up and make it fun!!

Many of you know that we spent the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013 in California, before returning to our 'home base' in Texas.  We started taking some field trips around Oroville, aka "City of Gold" and enjoyed looking at an area where we had been so many times before with 'new eyes'!  We learned many new things about Lake Oroville and many shocking things about what goes on at the Feather River Fish Hatchery!

Perhaps my favorite blog thus far this year (out of all four... <<giggle>>) is a post by my hubby "A Day of Love"  --  He's such a romantic!  I am so blessed!!  Yes, I say this ... and then... I reflect back in my memory, back a bit further... to December, 2012 ... and THIS!! 

We were awakened by a STORM!! A torrential downpour and horrendous windstorm while tending our first Christmas Tree lot in San Mateo, CA. (For those of you who have been through a Texas Tornado, you know what we're talking about!!)   I left for coffee (totally soaked, by the way, after having had to be in the pouring rain and blowing wind for nearly an hour taking care of trees and such...) and by the time that I got back he had made and posted this little video from his iPhone... Go figure!! Wow!

So... there you have it, a few more tidbits, and giggles, about some of our California experiences!  Thank you Clark for inviting us to be part of your "California Extravaganza on Family Trek!" and giving us the opportunity to share "1001 Words about Humboldt County."   It's put us in motion (on our blog) once again!! So much fun!! (Please feel free, Clark, to nudge us at least once a week -- although more is good too, as we're nearly 20 blog posts behind...)

As always... Enjoy the journey...


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