Friday, August 16, 2013

What are you doing this weekend? ~ What Adventures will it hold??

Yesterday morning I found this inspiring quote in my email - 

"To change one's life: 1. Start immediately.  2. Do it flamboyantly.  3.  No exceptions."  ~ William James 

(Thank you to Debra Lynn Dadd for sharing that!)

I like that! Thus I'll begin with a couple of thoughts on it -- First, I would have added exclamation points at the end of each of those 1, 2, 3...  Don't you think?  I mean really; those are important points if you are to do something really life changing!  So, noting that brought me to my next thought -- a question:  Who is William James?  Thank goodness for Googling! (Ummm... is that a verb now?  I'm thinking so.)

According to website "William James was an original thinker in and between the disciplines of physiology, psychology and philosopy."  Dr. James is often referred to as the "Father of Psychology" and it appears to me that he had an optimistic nature -- which I too embrace -- I have found MANY quotes by him online that are very inspiring!

He graduated from, and later taught at, Harvard University.  I found it fascinating to read the list of those whom he called family (Godfather:  Ralph Waldo Emerson)  friends (Mark Twain, Sigmund Freud...), as well as those he taught (Theodore Roosevelt, W.E.B. DuBois...)  I'll leave you to the adventure of 'Googling' his name yourself to find out more about the full life he lead.  I will share that he did much in his 68 years; in addition to his studies, teachings and writings he was an artist and an adventurer!!  According to Stanford "some of his greatest philosophical contributions" were made in the last ten years of his life!  How exciting is that?!!

Oh, back to the topic... whether you're nomadic, as we are, or residing in 'sticks n bricks' there's always something inviting about the weekend!  This weekend there seems to be much going on for us so I thought perhaps we would take a few minutes to share and make a few suggestions, at minimum 'plant a few seeds' to help you find some fun this weekend! After all you never know what it could lead to... perhaps an adventure?  Perhaps something life changing??

Go do something with someone you Love.

I know, I know... you're not traveling!  So what could be exciting around home?  I'm sure you've heard the term "staycation"? ... Oh, but you're saying "it sounds so boring"... We can relate and wrote about finding local adventure earlier this year in our post  "Been There! Done That!"  Perhaps it will inspire you!  In a recent post "Am I a Bad Parent? my hubby told you a bit about one of our hobbies, Geocaching!  We shared that this month is "31 Days of Geocaching" ... How many caches do you have thus far?  What's your goal?  We're aiming for 100 for the month!!  (Read about that on our previous post.)

Geodetic Center of North America (NAD27)

So perhaps log on to and find an event near you, this weekend, there's bound to be one!  Friday we'll be attending a Bluegrass event and enjoying ice cream sundaes, dropping off a Travel Bug and of course picking up a cache or two or THREE!!  On Saturday we'll be joining some 'new Caching friends' for "Tetanus Tacos" -- We'll have to get back to you on what they are exactly -- and yes, grabbing a few more 'finds!'

Have you ever been to Timbuctoo?

Something else that we have enjoyed from time to time along the way is locating Historical markers; an opportunistic addition to our "Roadschool" list, of things we do!  In mentioning that it's a perfect opportunity to say "Congrats!" to our friend Linda as this week marks the 10th birthday of her website ""!! Wow!! Time flies when you're snarfing!  What? What's "Snarfing?" take a look at her latest blog  and go from there -- More fun to be had... Along the way!!

Hopefully we've inspired you to at least a few thoughts toward an adventurous weekend -- So please do let us know ... What are you doing this weekend?  We'd love to hear all about your adventures and how you're...

Enjoying the journey!

Make it a great one!!


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  1. We are exploring family history this weekend and de-cluttering (again) so we will be ready to head out to Oregon soon. Loved your post!