Thursday, September 11, 2014

Back to School Memories... BE(ing) BOLD... and Remembering: September 11th, 2001

I know, I know it has been waaaayyyy... too long since we have posted.  But today I have been inspired.  Inspired by a friend reflecting on their commitment to home teach, or as she aptly summarized: "homeschooling/unschooling/worldschooling."  They, like us, have chosen to BE BOLD and live a nomadic lifestyle, thus also choosing (like us) not to send their children to public school.

This time last year, our friend Monica posted to their blog, Family Trek, about the emotions of "Back to School" time... Interestingly it was one year ago today... the 11th of September, 2013... the 12th Anniversary of the 9/11 attack; the post:  "Unexpected Loneliness and Jealousy in the Life of a Homeschooler"

There was kind of an interesting perspective that overtook me, as I read what she shared; I totally related to all of the mixed emotions that she conveyed in her post -- after home teaching our youngest son (now 15) for all of his  "school years" thus far -- September 11th, 2001, was definitely a most memorable day that I would not have wanted to have a young child in school.

It was difficult enough that my husband and I, along with our then 17 year old son, were all attending a local junior college in the community where we were living at the time.  Our youngest, then two, typically went to on-campus daycare while we attended classes; except for that day.

I remember, vividly, waking up to learn that the Twin Towers were gone. It was surreal.  I was shaken to the core.  I stayed home and clung to our two year old -- vacillating between whether or not I should even check the updates on the computer (we didn't have a TV then.)  I really didn't want to know.  If I knew then I had to acknowledge that something horrific had happened that would forever change our country; and it has -- sadly.

My husband and oldest son did journey to campus that day -- but the emotions were raw and they found everything from tears to altercations present there as a result of the tragedy.  This was at a small campus in a rural California County -- nearly 3,000 miles away from the tragic onset of the day's events.  Yet, it may as well have been in the same neighborhood.  That day, our entire country became one, very small, neighborhood.

As our youngest son now approaches adulthood, I  reflect on our choice not to send him to public school.  Monica said it best:  "I am confident this path is a good one for us..."   We have enjoyed having our son with us daily and experiencing life with him and through his eyes.  We can't imagine our life any other way.

As we take time today to reflect on that tragic day 13 years ago, we can't help but wonder where is our country going from here?  What is happening to our freedoms? What will our country be like when our son is our age?  We can pray that our children, and grandchildren, study history and learn from the mistakes of their elders.

I recently read that what is happening in our country now was set in motion by those who came before us forty years ago... I shudder to think where the United States will be forty years from now, if it remains on it's current path. My prayer is that our youth today study History -- Study our Constitution -- and DARE TO BE BOLD!!

I believe that the youth of today are going to need to BE BOLD to create the type of prosperity that our parents had.  And truthfully, I think that more children would benefit from being home taught -- public schools are not about teaching free thinking, and certainly not boldness.

Thank you Monica and Clark for being willing to candidly share your thoughts and experiences as you live a nomadic lifestyle.  We look forward to seeing you soon!  We are blessed to consider you friends and enjoy that we are able to share in your life from anywhere in the world via your blog: Family Trek.  It should be noted too, that we are SO looking forward to your book being published Clark!  We'd happily be one of your Beta Readers... just sayin'!  ;)

And to the rest of you... hold your loved ones tight ... share your feelings... embrace what is important ... BE BOLD!! and... until next time...

Enjoy the journey!


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