Friday, December 6, 2013


~Another brief intermission from Blog Love~
The day before yesterday we were going to do some work on a boat at Lake Ray Hubbard and stopped to grab some lunch at a local burger joint. Ian's order was wrong so Carolyn went back in to remedy it when I heard what sounded like a large box falling off a truck. I looked in the mirror and saw the trunk of a white car pointed straight up in the air (not the direction it was suppose to be.) I immediately knew that someone got tagged so I grabbed my phone and went to see if I could help.

It turned out that there were four cars in a row that were involved and I was on the phone with 911 right away and walked from car to car checking on the occupants. One of the cars requested an ambulance so the 911 operator got things going for us. I sat with a nice, but very shaken, passenger of the white car that I first saw. Winifred appeared to be OK but was in a little pain. Since she was in advanced years and was the one that requested the ambulance I thought that I should stay with her.

I heard the sirens and looked up to see a Fire Truck... Stuck in traffic at the light about an eighth of a mile away. There were no apparent injuries so urgency was not vital, but it was annoying to see a Big Red Firetruck with lights and sirens stopped behind two cars waiting for a light to change. After about thirty seconds the light changed and traffic continued.

The Firetruck was going in the opposite direction as the accident so they passed us and attempted to turn around and come in behind us. Notice I said attempted! Being a Big Firetruck it had to move to the right side of the road so that it could make the turn. In doing this it gave all the cars that pulled over for the Firetruck further back, and the ones that were behind them to begin with, an opportunity to pass it on the left.

I stood there in disbelief and watched as midday traffic passed the Big Red Firetruck, with Bright flashing red lights and a really LOUD siren, as it tried to turn around. After about ten seconds I had enough. I walked around the broken car that held Winifred (who was waiting patiently in pain) and out into oncoming traffic. Carefully of course. Held up my hands and started yelling "STOP" repeatedly.

Four or five cars passed me in defiance as they were in some sort of hurry. Realize, I was not hard to miss. I happened to be wearing my diver down shirt. It was a red shirt with a white stripe on it on a well endowed belly. Not like you could miss it unless you were blind, and for the blind I was yelling, in my "Drill Sergeant" voice.

I don't know about "all-y'all" but I learned when I was younger that you pulled over to the right and STOPPED for emergency vehicles. I know that if I was the one that needed help, I would certainly want others to have the courtesy to allow the emergency vehicles to have absolute right of way to assist me. So think about how you should drive when you hear a siren. Pull over and give them room. Do Not pass them, ever, if their lights are on unless you are told to do so by them; unless you are on your way to the hospital because you or your passenger is dying or a doctor who is going in for emergency surgery or a spy who has the antidote to the Zombie Apocalypse and will save the world, you get the idea, Pull over! 

Sorry, I digress...The Firetruck was able to turn around, finally, and they were able to help Winifred out. I am not sure of how she did as I went off to join my family, finish my lunch and go to work.

Thank you for letting me rant. So how did your day go?

Until later, enjoy the journey...



  1. glad you all care not enough like you out there

  2. We'll always stop to help as long as it's safe to do so, and I wouldn't be in the way. Thank you for taking time to read and comment.

  3. Unfortunately, there are more & more people turning a blind eye and selfishly thinking of only ones self. Thankfully, there are still people, like you, who do the right thing! I am sure Winifred, will always remember, the nice stranger who stayed with her in her hour of need :)

  4. Thank you for you for your comment and kind words Wendy.

  5. how many of those drivers got their drivers license without a test OR were taught just the basics to pass by their parents? remember when drivers ed was taught in school and it was 6 weeks long?