Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Posting 43 Days of "Blog Love": Day 15 ~ "Sailing with Totem"

Photo courtesy S/V Totem

I'm in love!!! Yes, Hubby knows... Remember?  I shared with you before... about a week ago?  When we were sharing some 'blog love' with Adventure Us 2? Remember my sharing with you about my first experience sailing and despite Hubby's 'test' -- I fell in love with sailing.

Perhaps that is why from the first time that I read the blog "Sailing with Totem"  I just grew more enamored.  The Gifford Family is rich!  Not in monetary means, I'm referring to the way they capture and share so many facets of their unique lifestyle via their blog and articles that they contribute to other publications.  Quite honestly I don't believe it is possible to read posts on their blog without learning something!  We so appreciate this as we're life-long-learners for sure!

Photo courtesy S/V Totem

One of my favorite quotes (that you'll also find in my "About" on my Facebook Wall) is "You don't stop learnin' 'til you're dead!" ~ J.H. Peart ~  Who is J.H. Peart you ask??  One of the wisest men I've ever known; my grandfather.  (Miss you PaPa!)  Just a side note, Papa loved to sail also, but on smaller boats, as I recall.

But back to the Gifford's aboard the S/V Totem:  I encourage you to read a bit about the Totem Crew, I trust that you will find that they are much like many families you know... they just happen to live aboard a Sailing Vessel ... and learning is facilitated by real life experiences!  Isn't that awesome?  I think it is!

Photo courtesy S/V Totem

I very much enjoyed reading a couple of recent blogs that really made life sciences fun! This past weekend they posted a very informative post titled: What are the best field guides for cruisers?  I really enjoyed that and thought that it would be great to post to our Roadschool group on Facebook -- I mean really, the info is universal, it's not exclusive to cruisers, but I can see where all of the books recommended would be awesome to have cruising, for sure.

So, I thought I would share the 'field guides' post here as our main topic.  And then... their post today, (December 3rd) ... Giving back: citizen science programs for cruisers.  Oh my gosh!  I think this is a post that everyone should read. Regardless if you really have an interest in the ocean, perhaps it will broaden your perspective about how you can help with scientific research, that is beneficial to our environment, from wherever you are in the world !  So cool, huh?

Most recently Mom - Behan, Dad - Jamie, and kids (Niall, Mairen, Siobhan) are cruising toward Thailand in the Andaman Sea -- not sure where that is? You can follow along here: Where is Totem!  See!  A geography lesson!  Love it!  (Wonder what they do while cruising besides science?  Perhaps their post: Great games for cruisers might give you a peek.)

Photo courtesy S/V Totem

From our recent post about Green Global Travel I think that you may have gathered our awareness of sustainability and it's ranking of importance to our family.  I will admit that we have become much more eco-conscious since my hubby studied at the College of Natural Resources at Humboldt State University in California and while there also earned his Master and Scientific SCUBA Diver Certifications. 

His studies of the ocean have made us that much more passionate about it and also increased our desire to, at some point in the future, live aboard a sailboat. (We already have a name picked out, but perhaps we'll share that in another post. <<grin>> )

I could go on and on about the Gifford Family -- They (obviously) are on our list of families who we very much look forward to meeting up with!  Thank you Behan and Jamie for being willing to share so much (and such beautiful pictures) of your Cruising Adventures!  We look forward to following along and learning much more...

Photo courtesy S/V Totem

Thank you for reading all...  Stop by and share some 'blog love' with the 'Totem Crew' -- and perhaps learn something new while you're there!  Do be sure to tell them that the "Nomadic Jesters" sent ya!

Until tomorrow... Enjoy the journey...


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  1. “The great difference between voyages rests not with the ships, but with the people you meet on them.” – Amelia E. Barr