Monday, December 2, 2013

Posting 43 Days of "Blog Love": Day 14 ~ ""

Hobbies are fun, don't you think?  We have a few, and Geocaching is one of them. For those of you who do not know, Geocaching is a 'treasure hunting' game of sorts.  All you need to play is a GPS and a computer (actually a smart phone can be used in place of both, if you'd like.)

If I recall correctly hubby and son started playing about eight (going on nine) years ago.  We found it to be a great learning adventure with our son, no matter his age.  Since that time the website that began as has evolved to include not only locations of Caches, but various membership levels, special events and of course a Blog.  We subscribe to the blog and find it a very enjoyable read.

A little navigation class.

Sometimes there are stories about events... other times there are stories that include unique Caches; you just never know what you'll find.  We got the latest blog post in our email today that included a story about some very special "travel bugs"!  Oh wait, if you're not familiar with Geocaching you're probably asking 'What's a travel bug?' ... "Is it a pet of some sort?"

It kind of sounds like something that you most likely would want to get rid of if it's contagious, that's for sure! But no, it's part of the game.  In this case the article shares about a new trackable "Lego Geocacher."  You see, the idea is that you have these special trinkets (in this case a Lego figure) that is attached to an I.D. tag.  You 'adopt' him/her/it, register it (trackable number), then "set it free" to begin a journey visiting Caches along the way!

It can be great fun!  Once you get into this game you'll no doubt find a huge variety of unique and fun 'trackables' that interest you.  There are even collectible coins, but I'll let you research that on your own.  When we first started, I found the trackable especially fun!  (I really love "Signal the Frog" -- shown below)

Photo from

Once you 'find it', you 'log it', sometimes include a picture with your log and then 'release it' into the wild via another Cache.  You'll find, though, that not all Caches are capable of holding travel bugs -- but again, I'll let you figure that out on your own... I have to leave some things for you to learn from their website, right?

Awhile back my hubby wrote a post titled:  "Am I a Bad Parent?" about a Geocaching 'mishap' shall we say??  So I've decided to share it here!  It looks like you can leave comments on the blog, though I never have. Perhaps you'd like to let them know that you read about Geocaching on our blog? Or perhaps you'll just share some 'blog love' and leave a comment for us below and tell us about your experiences Geocaching, or what you think about my Hubby's post.

Until tomorrow... Enjoy the journey...


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