Sunday, December 1, 2013

Posting 43 Days of "Blog Love": Day 13 ~ "Green Global Travel"

First off I want to say that somehow, at times, it seems that the line between 'blog' and 'website' gets very blurred these days.  I consider Green Global Travel a blog (on steroids perhaps... but a blog!) as the nature of a blog feels warmer, more personal.  In my view Bret and Mary have definitely brought their personality and heart to this wonderful resource ~ as their tag line shares: "Saving the world one story at a time."  

This is a blog that I have such great admiration for... In SO MANY ways!  My first visit to their blog I read:  Bret & Mary: A Story About Love (How Green Global Travel Was Born.)  Perhaps if you start there, you'll be just as smitten as I was. Then take time to meander through past articles and photos... Wow!!  Whether you enjoy travel inside or outside of the U.S. you'll find pictures to excite your soul and warm your heart -- with stories to go with them.

Photo from Green Global Travel

Given the season, today I found myself drawn to reading, and sharing with Hubby, their most recent post:  50 Christmas Traditions Around the World.    I then shared with him Bret & Mary's 'story about love' (link above - as I mentioned that was my first intro to them) ... we then followed a link to a past post: 5 Best Christmas Light Displays in Georgia.  It just seemed right ... I love looking at Christmas lights, don't you?

Remember earlier I mentioned about Mary and Bret bringing their hearts and personalities to this venture? Once you begin reading you'll realize how passionate they are about the environment and how this blog is SO MUCH MORE than just "any ol' travel blog".  To exemplify my point, I urge you to read:  "Open Letter/ Announcement for EcoAdventure Media" posted earlier this year.  Then more recently they announced "#EcoCostaRica: GGT's Next Big Adventure."  Passion! Pure Passion!!

Photo from Green Global Travel

I'll be honest, I was not one to grow up with the desire for global travel.   It was only recently, since I met my husband, that global travel has become more appealing.  As I shared Green Global Travel blog with Hubby tonight I realized that they have created an awesome resource not only for travelers, but for educators. Wow!  Definitely thinking of others outside of travelers and nomads who might enjoy this blog now...

We hope that this short introduction to Bret, Mary, Green Global Travel and EcoAdventure Media has whet your sense of adventure to visit their blog often and increase your awareness of sustainable travelPerhaps you have heard the expression "Take only pictures and leave only footprints" but don't really know what that means.  Or maybe you have yet to answer the question: "What exactly is EcoTourism and why is it important?"  I am certain that their writings will answer those questions for you.

Photo from Green Global Travel

Yes, this is an awesome blog that I love to visit often.  The writings of Bret, Mary and many other bloggers whom they are connected with share a plethora of information beneficial to the preservation of the ecosystems and resources around the world.  Many of which are currently in jeopardy!  I trust that you'll take time to visit "Green Global Travel" and when you do leave them some 'Blog Love'!  -- Tell them that the Nomadic Jesters sent ya!

Until tomorrow... enjoy the journey...


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