Saturday, November 30, 2013

Posting 43 Days of "Blog Love": Day 12 ~ "Technomadia" ~

When you first arrive at the Technomadia blog you find a box to the right that says "Start Here."   How accommodating!  Especially for people like me who are 'not-so-techie'! ;)   From there you arrive at a video done by Cherie Ve Ard and Chris Dunphy -- Technomads! (What's a "Technomad" you ask?  Guess you'll have to check out their site and watch the [short] video, huh?)

We have become acquainted with Cherie and Chris over the past year or two via Facebook.  I will admit to 'picking on' Cherie on a fairly regular basis, to be directed to info to assist in our 'techie' type issues and decisions.  (She puts up with me oh. so. well!  <<grin>> )

Photo from Techomadia

Ironically one of the reasons that we decided to share some 'blog love' with Cherie and Chris tonight is that I was thinking about them -- due to our internet being SO. VERY. Fussy tonight!  Such is the life of a nomad.  The second reason is that I just LOVE that they fulltime in a bus... and not just any bus, but a 1961 - 4106 GMC Highway Coach.  We have had a love of buses for many years (specifically highway coaches) and continually consider a coach for our own nomadic travels.  For now, though, we are enjoying a smaller footprint -- much like what Chris and Cherie started with... (but we'll let them tell you about that.)

As you visit Technomadia blog/website you'll find an assortment of buttons on the top bar providing a selection of lists and topics. They include not only information about themselves as you find in most blogs, (such as past adventures... including Burning Man - Camp Nomadia...)  but you'll find a host of downloadable resources in addition to a few books that they have written. Chris and Cherie also include links to archives of podcasts that they've done, as well a list of other helpful nomad-related sites.

Photo from Techomadia

Trust me, I haven't even begun to scratch the surface of what they have included in their website... like their recent lighthouse caretaking experience for example... So do take some time to check out Technomadia yourself, and share some blog love with Chris and Cherie.  Tell them the Nomadic Jesters sent ya!

Until tomorrow...  Enjoy the journey!


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