Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Posting 43 Days of "Blog Love": Day 8 ~ "Adventure Us 2"

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Oh where to begin??... Once upon a time there was this totally crazy online universe and it was called "Facebook"! ... I had no intention of ever having a Facebook account, but hubby had other ideas... That was ummm... several years ago.  Fast forward to 2013...  "Dear Diary:  I am having such a good time meeting so many friends online, I'm so glad that we live nomadically (is that a word?? ... It is now!  So say I!! )  so we can travel the world by land, sea and air and see them all!! ;) "  Yes, that is my world.  I sometimes start new things with great apprehension, then I get hooked!

Tonight I was running late getting a post done... but logged on to Facebook hoping to 'be inspired!'  As it happened, just moments before I logged on one of my "Facebook Friends" Janet Lee Enders had posted to her Page a request for some more "Likes" on the Page for their blog "Adventure Us 2." So I happily shared her request with a couple of our Nomadic groups.  Then I decided to go read a few posts as I have not kept up recently.  The last post I'd read was when "JL" (as H. Michael refers to her via their blog) had taken her beau, Michael, to PA so she could check a few things off of her "Bucket List!:"

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As I read Michael's reflections of his first time sailing I was reminded of mine:  Yes, it was a beautiful day -- actually a beautiful weekend.  He'd taken me away for a weekend to the bay area of CA, near San Francisco, to stay aboard his parents 33' Sloop.  I couldn't have told you if it was a Sloop, or a Ketch or a... ??? Well, you get it... I just knew that it was large and had sails and I presumed it went leisurely across the water under air-power.  Boy! Did I get an education.

Several years ago I shared about that blissful memory in a Facebook "Note" like this:

"The first Fourth of July (prior to our marriage) that my (now) husband and I celebrated together we took a trip to Vallejo (CA) and spent several days aboard his parents sailboat. The boat was berthed at Mare Island adjacent to, what was then called, Marine World.

I remember noticing the US flag, in all its glory, blowing in the wind from the Mare Island Marina flag pole. "Old Glory" was proudly waving, as well, from numerous boats of all shapes and sizes. The sight was poignant against the crystal blue sky.

That evening we sat on the back of the sailboat and watched the fireworks over the Mare Island estuary... the silhouettes of retired Navy ships just visible while the many colors of fireworks burst high above them. It brought to mind those in my family who have served; especially those in the US Navy. The sight was beyond words, as were my emotions.

As the fireworks exploded above us we enjoyed french bread, grapes and my favorite white wine... with Jimmy Buffett playing in the background... The particular song that still plays over and over in my head from that night is: "The Night I Painted the Sky"... The whole evening was surreal and remains fresh in my memory, though it was nearly eleven years ago.

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To this day whenever I hear that song the memories, and tears, come rushing back... Little did I know then, that Fourth of July would be the first of many cherished memories that have been created with the love of my life. :-) Now married ten years... and counting..."

Beautiful memory, huh?  What I didn't share about that weekend was "The Test"!   "The Test" you say?  What "test"?  The test that my then 'fiance' had decided that he had to perform, without my prior knowledge or preparation (or consent...)  While we were sailing the Carquinez Strait, near Crockett, CA; we were picking up some speed.  It got my attention.  I thought "Wow, this is kinda fun!  I didn't know that a sailboat could move like that.  Cool!  (Yes he got the attention of the adrenaline junkie still lurking inside from my younger years...)

Then the boat started leaning... and then leaning a bit more (I have since learned that 'leaning' is referred to as 'heeling') ... and then... ummm... the water was coming up to the rails... and then... the rails were in the water...  Ummm... I grew up on jet boats... and... Flat bottomed jet boats DON'T HEEL!!  And they DON'T have 'rails'!!... If you get a jet boat that far over they flip!!  UGH!!

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(Back to sailing...)  I was bracing with my legs against the base of the seating across from me to keep from flat out getting pitched... and THEN we went a bit further!!  The water was up to mid-way of the windows!! I looked at Rich and said, "Ummm... I think that's far enough."  "Won't we tip over?"  He said "No, we've got a 5,000 lb. keel!"  I said "Oh. Great!" ... trying to sound relieved, but truly just wondering how I was going to keep my balance to prevent going into the water head first! ... At the same time trying to remain cool!  After all, only moments before the speed of the boat really WAS a rush!!

He must have sensed my moment of anxiety and backed off just enough to allow me to regain my balance, but not so much to cut down the speed too far.  ;)  Overall I had a great time and decided that day that I really do love sailing.  It was fun being brought back to those memories this evening -- quite by happenstance. Thank you Michael.

I can really relate to so much of what Michael has shared in his most recent posts ... I grew up around speed boats!  I was water-skiing at a rockin' 65mph by the time I was 15 and wanting to go FASTER!!  Thus my first experience on a sailboat I expected to be a calm, relaxed afternoon sail with this guy that I was dating... (and finally admitted to being in love with and marrying... but we'll save that for another day, back to sailing.)

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Thank you Michael for sharing with us:  "Flying Without A Net," "I'm Not A Sailor" and finally "Enlightenment!"  Wow!! I love your blog you two!! I'm hooked!! We too want to liveaboard, however as hubby says 'you're a bit ahead of us' as we don't foresee living aboard for at least a few more years.  But perhaps by the time we get there you'll be there to help us get accustomed to the lifestyle and sail away with us to visit white sandy beaches ...

So stop on over and share some 'blog love' with "JL" and "H. Michael" ... tell them the Nomadic Jesters sent ya!

Until tomorrow...  Enjoy the journey...

Photo courtesy of "Adventure Us 2"


  1. Wow! Thank you so much for the kind words about our Adventureustwo. blog. JL and I will be following your nomadic adventure and hope in the future we can meet face to face.

  2. Ditto that! You are awesome for doing that, Carolyn! I am sure we will meet on day! JLee