Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Posting 43 Days of "Blog Love": Day 1 ~ Meet our friends "Family on Bikes" ~

So... How's your sense of humor???  It has been nagging at me for awhile that we are painfully behind on our blog posts.  At the beginning of the year it was our plan to post at minimum once per week.  What is that they say about the 'best laid plans of mice and men'?? Or is it just that "life is what happens when you're making other plans"? Yeah, yeah, that's it!!

Though our intention was to post 52 entries this year, we have thus far managed to post a whopping nine!!  That is horrible!!  I'm ashamed. But alas we will do our best to redeem ourselves!  All we need to do is post 43 times between now and the end of the year.  Thankfully there are 43 days left in 2013, as long as we start today (well, tonight...) and post consistently one post per day through the end of the year.  Yes!!  We can do this!!! (So what that it was supposed to be 52 posts in 52 weeks and now most of them will be in the last six weeks of the year... It still counts! tee hee hee...)

As it happens, I've been spending a fair amount of time reading blogs by others, as of late (inspiration you know?)  We are blessed to have some amazing friends with much to share, and do so via some awesome blogs!!  So I have this thought -- Over the next 43 days we will share with you (in no particular order) some of our favorite blogs.  Some days we may share a particular post (not necessarily current.)  Other days we may share a bit about our friends and refer to their blog in general.

We'll write a bit too, of course, but our focus will primarily be to share inspirations and friend's blogs.  If I understand correctly sharing blogs is a form of sharing what is referred to as:  "Blog Love."  I am still learning the terminology of social media so I request your patience with me, some things I just learn more slowly than others ... Our boys say it's because I'm old! lol!  I plan to live to a hundred and I'm only half way there so I don't think I'm old... but I digress... back to blogging.
We look forward to reading your comments here (please do post below) on the blogs that we share.  We hope, also, that you'll give your own "blog love" in the form of comments to our friends that you visit.  Please do include that you're sharing the 'love' from the Nomadic Jesters!  After all, isn't that part of the reason for the holiday season? Sharing the love??!!  So what friend(s) shall we start with? Hmmm... There are so many!!! (You wouldn't believe our "Inbox" on any given morning...)

We shall start with an adventurous family whom we admire much and are among those that we have been following the longest.  Though we have never met 'live and in person' I believe that if we met today it would feel like we were long time friends!  This family may be known to many of you as they have been on national television and mom, Nancy, has even done a TEDx Talk titled "What would you do if you weren't afraid?" 

Meet our friends the Vogel Family aka "Family on Bikes!"  There are many things to enjoy and admire about this family no matter your interests.  Even though it is not on our 'Bucket List' to cycle the Americas or anywhere else for that matter -- the sense of adventure and encouragement that you find in their blog posts and on their Facebook Page shares something for everyone.  Through the sharing of their experiences Nancy encourages others to identify and take the steps necessary to make your goals and dreams happen!

When you visit their website you'll notice at the top there are many tabs -- one of which is Blog, but we encourage you to peruse the site and not limit yourself to only reading their blog.  Nancy has worked hard on their website for years and has built it into a very helpful resource.  As a predecessor to reading their blog I encourage you to read About the Vogel's; capturing the personality and essence of each member of the family before reading the blog will enhance your experience as you take time to enjoy some of their adventures! 

I expect that the blog posts by "Family on Bikes" will leave you wanting more!  Happily Nancy has written a few books to further expand upon some of their past journeys! Buy one (or all) of their books to learn more about many of the experiences shared thus far by this unique family.  Christmas is around the corner and I believe that their books would make great gifts too!  Of course you can also find out the latest on their Facebook Page: Family on Bikes.

Remember... leave them a comment and share some 'love'!  Tell them that the "Nomadic Jesters" sent ya!  Oh and if you have a suggestion of a blog that we should check out, and perhaps share some 'blog love' with, please leave a link in our comments section below.  Thanks much!

Until tomorrow... Enjoy the journey...



  1. Let's try this again - my other comment went *poof* Thanks so much for choosing us for the first of your 43 profiles! It will be fun to see who you choose next.

  2. Thank you Nancy for your note! It has been great getting to know your family via your blog and we very much look forward to meeting you along the way someday! Perhaps 2014???

  3. I love it when family travellers meet! Hope it's us too one day :)

  4. Thanks for the post and Tweets Erin!! Yes I too look forward to the day that our paths cross! ;)