Monday, November 25, 2013

Posting 43 Days of "Blog Love": Day 7 ~ "Gluten Free Cooking School"

Whether this Thursday you'll be celebrating Thanksgiving, Thanksgivukkah, Hanukkah (Chanukkah), Festival of Lights or Feast of Dedication it will most likely include family, friends and food!!  So I decided that I'd be remiss if I didn't take this opportunity to share some perspective of food -- more specifically 'gluten free' cooking.

In 2006, my husband found out that he had a wheat allergy as did the writer of our latest object of "Blog Love" -- Mary Frances Pickett. In a time when so many people are giving up gluten by necessity, or by choice, Mary Frances has grown the "Gluten Free Cooking School"  from a "just a blog" to "Oh. So. Much. MORE!!" The blog still exists within a website that has evolved to a most wonderful resource; a 'Cooking School' that is accessible from wherever you have an internet connection.

To most people it is life altering to discover that wheat needs to be eliminated from their diet for reasons such as intolerance, allergy or Celiac Disease.  However at the point that Mary Frances discovered her wheat allergy she had already been 'learning the ropes' of the lifestyle since 1999, as that was when her husband John was diagnosed with Celiac Disease.  

In 2007, Mary Frances began sharing what she had learned via her blog.  Did I mention that this was in addition to being mom to two young children, supportive wife to husband John and working as a tax accountant?  Wow! That's one busy Mama!  Matter of fact  <<< inserting extra 'blog love' here>>>  Kaylee Wickline of recently posted this about Mary Frances and family:  Running a Business From an RV:  This Mom Ditched the Cube for the Road Less Traveled.

Mary Frances and I first connected around the time that she and her family were newly launched into their nomadic lifestyle.  Oh... and did I mention... that was around the time that they had just added wee one #3 to the mix?  Yes! She is one busy Mama!

I remember being especially interested in her blog due to hubby's allergy and have since shared it with many people, both friends and acquaintances over the years.   My interest in this helpful website has been recently renewed as I was diagnosed with a gluten allergy about two months ago and my cousin was diagnosed with Celiac this past week.  Wow!  Thank you so much for the resource Mary Frances!!

These days Gluten Free Cooking School and all of it's varied facets, along with being full-time parents to three beautiful children, keep Mary Frances and hubby John quite busy.   I will add that John does have other duties in addition to 'taste tester' as noted on their website ... but in my opinion, that is a VERY important job when it comes to food -- after all, isn't that what's most important?  Flavor??!!  I know that's a priority at our house!

With many opportunities for sharing some great food just around the corner do check out the Recipe Indexit's sure to provide you with some awesome choices for sharing with your family and friends.  Tomorrow will find me finalizing a few of our favorites listed under Appetizers as well as Desserts... Decisions! Decisions!!  (Pssst... You don't have to divulge that it's GF... they'll never notice! :)  )

Please do spend some time at the Gluten Free Cooking School and leave some "Blog Love" via a comment -- Tell them the Nomadic Jesters sent ya!

Until tomorrow...  Enjoy the journey...


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